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DSS Accounts Management

Welcome to our wonderful Accounts Management Centre.
Here you can register your child for classes, receive notes and communicate with teachers. See your Accounts balance and due dates as well as make payments all simply and easily from our website. Events are listed and relevant pdf files in relation to costumes, performances, exams are all there in one place.
Once you click on the button below you will be transferred to a new page.

Simply Register or sign in as an existing user and follow the easy steps.
All children in the family are connected to you as a parent and joined into one account to make your life easier.

Once you register for classes you will be required to pay the enrollment fee to secure your child’s place in the class.
The tuition shown is your class fee’s for the Whole Term.

When you pay your tuition in Advance, Just click the Pay online button and you can pay by Credit/Debit Card or Paypal by your Due Date.

Or You can Enrol in our Auto Pay System, Payment Plan where your fee’s are direct debited out of your nominated account on the set days twice per term.
Its that easy.
Thanks for using our Wonderful System.



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